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Bob Wallace Timeline
by Erowid
Jan 12, 2004
1949 Born in Washington D.C.
1961 Decided, at the age of 12, that he would become a programmer to help develop computers as a method of mind expansion.
1967 Entered Brown University where he worked with Prof. Andries van Dam and Ted Nelson on the first hypertext editing system named FRESS.
1971 Graduated from Brown University with a B.S.
1976 Founded the Northwest Computer Society, worked at the first Seattle personal computer store (76-78).
1977 Ran the first Seattle Personal Computer Fair.
1978 Earned a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Washington. Became 9th employee at Microsoft, architect of MS-Pascal compiler.
1983 Left Microsoft and started Quicksoft; Developed PC-Write and coined the term "shareware".
1986 July 4, Bob marries artist Megan Dana--first employee and Vice President of Quicksoft.
1989 Quicksoft grows to $2 million a year in sales and 32 employees. PC-Write became a widely used MS-DOS word processor.
1991 Sold Quicksoft to an ex-Microsoft manager; Continues to work on the design and programming of PC-Write.
1993 Bob left Quicksoft and looks for other possible mind-amplifying technologies; Decides that psychedelic drugs are an overlooked and misunderstood approach.
1996 Started Mind Books, a small independent bookstore for books about psychedelics.
1998 Started the Promind Foundation, to support scientific research, public education, and harm reduction efforts related to psychedelics.
2002 Died of pneumonia at his home in San Rafael at the age of 53.