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Recollections of Myron Stolaroff
and the International Foundation for Advanced Study
Featuring Don Allen, Jim Fadiman, Robert McKim, Harriet Baltazar, and Jerry Stolaroff
Videotaped on July 20, 2010, by Jon Hanna and Tania Manning
Oct 7, 2010
Citation:   Hanna J, Manning T. "Recollections of Myron Stolaroff and the International Foundation for Advanced Study." Oct 7, 2010.
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Don Allen and Jim Fadiman
(holding the IFAS building plaque),
Myron Stolaroff, Robert McKim
On July 20, 2010, a reunion of staff from the International Foundation for Advanced Study (IFAS), a psychedelic research organization active in the 1960s, took place in Santa Cruz, California. Founder Myron Stolaroff, along with his wife Jean, son Jerry, daughter Harriet, and a few friends listened to tales from the old days.

This 93-minute video features the remembrances of IFAS staffers Don Allen, Jim Fadiman, and Robert McKim, as well as Myron's progeny. From their mad-cap explorations with Al Hubbard's carbogen tank, to their powerfully moving initial LSD experiences, to the work that IFAS did studying the effect of mescaline on creative problem solving, the recollections paint a poignant first-person look back at a time when research with psychedelics was much less tightly regulated.

Our thanks to the Stolaroffs and everyone else present, for their work in this field, and for helping document and share their history by allowing us to make and post this video.



Photo Credits #
  1. Photo by Jon Hanna.
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