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Modern humans must learn how to relate to psychoactives
responsibly, treating them with respect and awareness,
working to minimize harms and maximize benefits, and
integrating use into a healthy, enjoyable, and productive life.
Werner Pieper
© Oona Leganovic
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Werner Pieper
(Ronald Rippchen)
Once referred to as "Germany's most exciting cyber-shamanic-psychedelic-performing publisher" by Timothy Leary, publisher, author, editor, and former hash and LSD dealer Werner Pieper has been outspoken on a wide range of counterculture events and phenomena for over 30 years. His publishing company Grüne Kraft - MedienXperimente (Grüne Kraft means "Green Power"), founded in 1971 in Heidelberg, has produced many of the German-language editions of English-language books and articles related to psychoactives plants and drugs, as well as some of the earliest writings about environmental awareness in Germany. As a dedicated researcher interested in unusual and overlooked cultural phenomena -- he's been described as a "pop culture archaeologist" -- Pieper has authored over thirty books and produced pamphlets, magazines and CDs.

His non-publishing projects have included founding Grüne Hilfe, an organization dedicated to providing cannabis-related legal information and help, and a 1996 international conference on Prisoners of the Drug War in Heidelberg. Along with his keen interest in censorship and copyright issues, Pieper has an eccentric approach to publishing based on trust -- he has never signed any contracts with authors, who always retain rights to their work. An English edition of his latest book, on the use of methamphetamine during the Third Reich, is forthcoming.

"Ich finde mich nicht so wichtig. Ich finde die Ideen, mit denen ich zu tun habe, viel wichtiger."
("I don't consider myself all that important. I find the ideas that I deal with much more important.")
-- Werner Pieper, Brand Eins Magazine, 2001
Author of (Books)
  • DopePollution : Zwischen Farm und Pharmageddon: globale ökologische Schäden durch illegale Drogenherstellung (2003)
  • Nazis on Speed - Drogen im 3. Reich (2 Vol, 2002/2003)
  • Highdelberg (2000)
  • Maximum Respekt (1999)
  • Verfemt - Verbannt - Verboten Musik und Zensur. Weltweit (1999)
  • Die Geschichte des O. : OpiumFreuden-OpiumKriege (1998)
  • Das Definitive Deutsche Hanf Handbuch (1994)
  • Die süßeste Sucht. Ist Zucker eine Killer-Droge? (with T. McKenna, 1993)
  • Mark Twain's Updated Tourist Guide (1985)
  • Author of (Articles)
  • Ein kleiner Rauschangriff... (1999)
  • Audio
  • "Dope & Glory" (2002)
  • Flashbacks Vols. 1-6, e.g. "Drug Songs - High & Low" (2001)