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Timothy Leary
1.0 March 2006
Collected by Erowid
Debate between Timothy Leary and Jerome Lettvin at MIT in 1967: "Even the era of biochemistry for bringing about the psychedelic experience is almost over, within your lifetime, you will see the new sacrament, or the new key to the internal process developed, and matter of fact, most of you are gonna have a terrible time with your kids in about 25 years, because you'll be sitting around home smoking marijuana and preparing for your next weekly lsd session, like good highly conventional people should. And your kid is going to come home and say hey dad and mom, down in grenich village there's a new technique called electronic brain stimulation. And you're going to say 'no implanting electrodes in my children's heads'. and your kids will be going "pigtails" (ha ha). And you're going to get upset and say 'why don't you use the old tried and true methods of finding out where it's at, like LSD."