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Laura Huxley
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Laura Huxley
Photo by Jill Krementz
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Laura Archera Huxley
Laura Huxley was born in Turin, Italy in 1911. She learned to play the violin at an early age, studied with several masters in Europe, and eventually earned her Professor of Music degree in Rome. She moved to the United States to continue her studies and debuted as a teenager in Carnegie Hall. Eventually she set aside her violin to follow other pursuits including documentary film, health, nutrition and psychology. She worked as a psychological counselor, a lecturer, and a seminarist in the human potential movement.

In 1956 she married Aldous Huxley. Together they explored consciousness issues and at his request, she administered LSD to him in the final hours of his life in 1963. After his death she wrote This Timeless Moment, describing her life with Aldous. She followed this with several books about the human condition. In 1977 she founded the non-profit organization Children: Our Ultimate Investment, dedicated to "the nurturing of the possible human".

Author of (Books)
  • The Child of Your Dreams (1987)
  • One-a-Day Reason to be Happy (1986)
  • Between Heaven and Earth (1975)
  • This Timeless Moment: A Personal View of Aldous Huxley (1968)
  • You Are Not the Target (1963)
  • Author of (Articles)
  • More Recipes for Living and Loving, in Higher Wisdom (2005)
  • Laura Huxley's Letter on Aldous' Passing (1964)