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Roger Heim
Photo from Teonanacatl
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Roger Heim
The French mycologist Roger Heim was a pioneer in hallucinogenic mushroom research and ethnomycology. He travelled in Mexico with R. Gordon Wasson where they collected samples of psychoactive mushrooms being used in healing ceremonies. Heim helped Wasson on the 1957 article in Life Magazine about psychoactive mushrooms and Maria Sabina, by contributing watercolor images of Psilocybes. He held the position of Director of the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, later becoming associated with Sandoz Pharmaceutical, travelling and collecting mushroom specimen for them.
Author of (Articles)
  • Investigations sur les Champignons Hallucinogènes (1967)
  • Les Champignons Hallucinogènes du Mexique (1958)
  • Index of Articles by Heim