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Walter Houston Clark
Photographer Unknown
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Walter Houston Clark
Walter Houston Clark was a professor of psychology of religion at Andover Newton Theological School in Massachussetts. He explored the relationship between mystical experience and religion, including the use of psychedelics. In the 1960s he participated in religious ceremonies with peyote and other psychedelics.

Author of (Books)
  • Religious Experience: Its Nature and Function in the Human Psyche (1973)
  • Chemical Ecstasy (1969)
  • The Psychology of Religion (1958)
  • The Oxford Group: Its History and Significance (1951)
  • Author of (Articles)
  • Religion and the Consciousness Expanding Substances (1964)
  • Religious Aspects of the Psychedelic Substances and the Law (1967)
  • The Psychedelics and Religion (1970)
  • Hallucinogenic Drugs Controversy (1974)
  • "Bad Trips" may be the Best Trips (1976)
  • Art and Psychotherapy in Mexico (1977)
  • Ethics and LSD (1985)
  • Remembrances
  • New York Times Obituary, Dec 21 1994