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david wilson

the bald head from cuba

I wanted to create an image that had the complexity and intricacy of the paintings by the old masters like Bosch and Bruegel. Something that conveyed the experience of hallucinating on mushrooms rather than the patterns you usually see on mushrooms. A drawing with smooth, abstracted, yet legible organic forms, in a surrealist kind of way; that was overall, nice to look at and a bit different to the usual contemporary rubbish mass-produced by lazy commercial art school graduates that make no sense and lack sufficient detail to keep the viewer interested for longer than 5 minuites. The purpose of art is to be pleasing to the eye, that conveys emotion, is original, and leaves the viewer with something to think about. I have noticed that most contemporary art is made in less than 100 hours, is merely abstracted reality based off the style of other contemporary artists; in this way striving to be regular, and portraying basic ideas at best shrouded in ambiguity.

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