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quobe tzesto

morglick imbroglio

(there are several views of this one work - click on next image to see all sides when in viewer) Deep within the realms of my mind, this piece was conjured. Bit by bit the creation served as an escape, an everyday high that encapsulated my mind in a cloud of timeless abandon. I did not have any intention except that of entertaining myself and others that were interested. I think that people create and display what they have made to appease and stimulate others. Beyond this I feel that there is an underlying energy that is invoked by the creator when an aspect of their work strikes another as aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps this energy is addicting, maybe it instigates the drive that motivates the mind of the artist, but whatever it is that makes the artist do what they do is much more than a one sided mirror. Hidden behind the image the artist sees is much more, a different and distinct view that is experienced by each and every person that is privy to sight. Nothing can stop art from happening; the concept is immutable, the need is never ending, and the energy that is derived from creating and experiencing art is omnipresent.

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