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ben tolman

Hallucinogenic substances provide a glimpse into uncharted subconcious dimensions. This is an attempt to document those worlds.


self portrait

big eye


the fish


transformation (detail)



With this drawing i tried to make a clear and direct metaphor for entheogenic experience. In the outside border there are 9 sources of different enthoegens and above them are the 9 corrisponding active chemicals. I hope this drawing will spark interest in people not too farmiliar with the strange worlds of psycoactives.

entheogens detail

novus natura

His work is an ink drawing 42x33" on nine panels. It is a collaberation between Ben Tolman & Lars Peterson. We are attempting to document the inner landscape (or the "mind's antipods" as Aldaus Huxley put it) through metphor to bring it in to the "real" world as best we can. This drawing wes created over the course of a year, and more than a dozen entheogen enhanced drawing sessions. We placed ourselves in the drawing in the center of the lefthand side connected with, and recieving visions from, the large san pedro cactus.

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