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carey thompson

diosa madre tierra

This painting demonstrates the passage of spirit through the cycles of carnation. With the aid of the spirit molecule, one can peer into the realm beyond the material and directly experience this passage. It is the fear of dying that is the foundation for all fear and what prevents us from living fully. With this image I hope to lessen this fear and reveal the beauty of what lies beyond.


The earth is alive and conscious just as all beings within our holographic universe. Everything is completely interconnected and in constant flux. Its not so easy to simply tell others this fact, but through the power of art one can see and feel the direct connection and hopefully transform their beliefs. As this awareness spreads, a global harmony shall result and we can return to the garden state of balanced coexistence.


This piece depicts the creative energy of the universe. A greater understanding of nature and a much deeper connection to the creative currents of life came from the use of psychedelics. LSD played a major role in my artistic development and in fact, this piece has the alternate title of "DeoxyriboLysergic Acid," bridging the connection of LSD with our own DNA.


Omnicentricity means that the center is everywhere. Astrophysicists have determined recently that no matter where one observes, everything appears to be expanding away from that point of observation, which completely destroys the old notion of ourselves floating around in a three dimensional space originating from a single big bang. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy exists pure potential for forms to arise from the implicate chaos and return again into the void. Through the sacred geometric grid, everything in the universe is connected from the realms of biology, chemistry, archetecture, symbology, sound, color, calendrics, and beyond. Awareness of this interconnectedness and interdependence is the most important and crucial key to the harmonic unfoldment of our planet and society.


As we begin to fall asleep we enter a state of consciousness somewhere in between sleep and wakefullness. This is called the hypnagogic realm. The mind is incredibly free and lucid imagery courses through the dreamspace. In this realm, forms merge and juxtapose in unusual ways and can be the source of limitless creativity. This painting shows something that may exist within this space, alive in its own parallel dimension to our own.


This is a mandala of thirteen lunar sections. In one revolution of the earth around the sun, the moon revolves thirteen times around the earth. Because the female has always been associated with the moon, our patriarchal society has made thirteen "unlucky" or what have you to take the power away from the goddess. Pope Gregory changed the calendar into 12 linear months which has greatly affected mass consciousness as we have steered further and further away from living in natural, harmonious frequencies with the earth and beyond.

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