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aden morot

psychedelic poster 1

man, i started drawing this thing back in 2003. I finished the inking the drawing in September of the same year redrew and began coloring it in photoshop. I stopped work on it until early this year. I've now finished it and will print it soon. You're missing a lot of the detail with the resolution only 15% of the original size.

mus psychedelicus

this rodent lives on the dmt providing roots and plants of the Amazon and has a life span of 5 times that of Mus musculus as a result of the trance-like state that its food produces. Due to the amount of DMT eaten daily, the Mus psychedelicus manifests on its body the shapes and patterns that would normally occupy the mind only. While this allows for quick identification of the rodent by humans, its unusual pattern is a perfect instrument to confuse its predators. Even if caught, the mouse is toxic to all but the hardiest of animals. It causes delusions and erratic behavior that usually ends in death for foolish predator. Because of this, the Mus psychedelicus has had the opportunity to evolve into consciousness and even has created a rudimentary civilization with standardized laws and political hierarchy. Trade has been established with the indigenous peoples of the area.

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