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chris marin

infinite transformations of life

the mirrorlike limpid orb

I try to express harmony and forgotten archaic perspective in my work. Everything we see with our eyes and not merely look at is overflowing in harmony and intertwined by a infinite cosmic net. Meditation, deep insight of oneself and one's life, remembering lost activities such as dreaming, caring, loving and using creativity... among many other traits that define the nature and purpose of our evolution and most importantly US! has been lost and utterly replaced by a cold, artificial specter bringing about the sterility of the dynamic human spirit. This is where all our degradation and suffering comes from. It's time to become the luminous eye in the sky once again. What stops us from witnessing and from being carried away from the awe inspiring flowing process and harmony present in the universe is our greedy, indulgent lethargic selves. It has always been time to tune in and become the necessary tool to tune in hand with the cosmic order of all things. Although this! moment in history cries in extreme agony of our lack of consideration and our apathy to take a subtle step forward. They key is to remember in any way possible our roots and to keep ourselves in a constant mode of direct openness.

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