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The purpose of art is articulating emotional knowledge into something which is eventually readable by the consumer.everyone doing art has an emotional reason for it.artists want to share their perception of their reality.sofar the artists purpose, art in itself i think has the only purpose of letting us do what artists do and gain satisfaction out of it on a personal level. on the other hand art is capable of giving satisfaction to the arts-consumer and not producer only. but coming to this point in my thoughts it comes to my mind, that computer-games, telly-soaps, etc can do all this, too. so are they art? in a certain way for sure. now values come into play and we are back to judge based on association and personal belief.considering all this, I think the purpose of art is to get people to express themselves, create something out of their own that was not there before, and eventually please non-creators.another thing about art is, that it is a form of nonverbal communication, which the more one is alert can be quite easily understood.

love parade 1996


san antonius

one out of a serie of Drawing visits to paintings of Hieronymus Bosch


because of muss

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