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(previously known as anarconym m)


This is a part of a series of pictures I've decided to call Cosmic Impressions, based foremost on a mixture of mushroom dreams, flowers and other organic materials and a touch of pure alien presence.

camouflaged in the perspective of a spectrum

Just trying out coloring a little. This was one of my first attempts.

psychedelic potato

You may sometime have forgot a bag of potatoes in some cupboard. If you were to discover on acid that they had started growing, this just may be what you'll see...

faces for the multi facetted

hug a rainbow

"Something for the hippies", I heard that expression in a movie and it was projected as irony over the hippie culture. I've never realized why peace can be seen as something negative, so I did this...


I wanted to show the world how I was thinking...

iterative echo morphing from arm book into leaves

Example of the psychedelic morphing effect in the unity of things experienced during a trip.

proteller dragon through the mind

This is just another visualization of how a mushroom trip metabolizes through our central nervous systems in my usual 270 degree motion (due to the resonance of the pcilocybine molecule).

soular explanations

Introspection of the human soul



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