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gwyllm llwydd

My early art was influenced by Tibetan Buddhist Mandalas,appreciated artists then were Beardsley, and Escher as well as the poster works of Kelly and Mouse, and Rick Griffin. Over the years I have fallen under the sway of Turners' works as well as the Pre-Raphaelites School. The mathematical model that is captured in the mandala is sublime. It elevates the viewer, if they are so predisposed, to a higher place. My basic tool is the airbrush. I still struggle with it, and revert to rapidiograph pen and paint brush occassionally. I am now venturing into the paint brush again, after a very long hiatus from it. The basic urge I think in this type of art is to capture the Transcendent Moment. An idea will come, but it is but the kernel. What transpires afterwords is almost out of my conscious control. It can be gruelling, and quite a struggle at times, but there is no easy path when you are taken by the Muse.


Aleister ~ or "The Ascension of Saint Aleister" is an earlier montage/collage work that illustrates some ideas and times of Aleister Crowley. Some of the symbology is easy to figure out, some not so...


Converge ~ or "The Convergence" was painted in a whirl of artistic fervour, and change. I was churning out pieces every week, though this one took a couple of months.

the shining one

The Shining One ~ One of my favourites, it was difficult to do as the canvas was to small and I could not give up the detail that was needed. The frisket work was tedious, I almost abandoned this painting, but I stuck it out, and this is the result. The Shining One tries to capture the moment of the opening of the White Light.


Oracle ~ was composed whilst using Salvia, and asking the spirit of the ally for guidance on how it wanted to be portrayed. The newest of the non-computer generated works.

the dance partner 2

The Dance Partner ~ a very dumb name, but there you go. This piece is a Photoshop work. It was dedicated to the memory of an early Psychedelic Pioneer, Roberto Apodaca who was assasinated by the police in Denver Colorado in 1968. Roberto a native Mayan, was an artist and writer, and one of the finest souls I ever was blessed to know. His sense of sharing, and giving are not forgotten by those whose lives he touched.


Magmamouth ~ Another computer work, again influenced by Salvia Divinorum. It has a nice science fiction feeling in it I think.

plant universe

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