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krisztina lazar

I want to reopen our mind’s thirst for beauty and transcendence. Through imagery and the intricate nature of my work, I want to spark the holy fire that lies dormant in so many of us and to cast open the closed doors of the heart. Beauty, truth and goodness are available to everyone and can be found everywhere in our world, even amidst the horrors and tragedies of today. We often fail to see that which is right next to us and do not realize what is already inherent in our own being. I want my art to point out the glorious nature of all that is around us and very importantly, all the glory and pure joy that is alive within us as well. I received an extremely intense vision in February 2002 that completely jolted my life out from under me. I saw an immense mandala of flames and eyes, rotating in on itself, expanding through space and dimensions. I became a vessel for its creation, hardly sleeping or eating until the painting was complete. Because I had no idea what happened and why, I researched and read everything I could get my hands on. The mandala had come to heal me, to end my path of self-destruction, and to redirect my energy towards a positive, integral, spiritual practice. Now, as I work from the inspiration of my growing inner light, I am constantly learning, discovering and searching for ways of conveying our different levels of consciousness through my art. I depict my journey, referencing archetypes, spiritual symbolism, my own meditation and vision imagery in an effort to expand beyond myself and to touch the universal elements that exist within all of us. An artist’s creation can be a manifestation of spirit. We all share in this spirit when we are deeply moved by a work of art. We channel the artist’s own divine experience, which grabs a hold of the universally fundamental point in our human soul. To reach this is my ultimate goal and should be one of the goals of art itself. In this way, art is a portal through which the holy light of inspiration travels from artist to viewer. It acts as a mediator between the spiritual realms and our every day functions, tapping our subconscious with extraordinary glimpses of what we are capable of. Art needs to give unselfishly to the viewer opening up an appreciation for life with beauty, truth, goodness and love. We live in a world that has denied an essential facet of the human mind for far too long. To realize our true existence, not only as individuals, but as mankind, we must reincorporate spirituality and loving kindness into our lives and interconnect it with our sciences, cultures and social systems. The brilliance of our experience on this world is life itself. Every human being, despite nationality, socio-political rank, sex, religious orientation or lack thereof, has the potential to achieve Enlightenment. We all have the ability to discover the expanding universe within ourselves and to become one with the ultimate light of the Absolute. Art is an essential vehicle for transcendence, both in describing this potential and in illuminating the visions and possibilities of the third eye. I want my work to reflect the beauty and wonder of life and consciousness, and to inspire others with similar experiences to pursue the ultimate unity through love and compassion on their own paths.

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