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marjorie kaye

the poles of jupiter

This drawing is a response to the fact that the poles of Jupiter are flattened "as if a child were sitting on a beach ball". The imagery of that just fascinated me.

the sleeper at the core of the world

This drawing was inspired by a Sherri Tepper sci fi novel. Each layer is imagery from different aspects of the story. If the snake awakens from the core of the planet, the world will be destroyed.

a drop of water in the sun

This drawing was a magnetic force back to the symmetry of angularity. I had done some more symbolic work and returned to the path of energy manifestation.


As this work crept into my conciousness, it put me in mind of the symbolism present in many ancient cosmologies - Indian, Native American, and especially Egyptian - rather than it being a depiction of the lotus, the essence of the center came through as the passionflower, thus also representing Western Mysteries.

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