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joel horne

puncturing the veil between two oceans

...The two oceans of reality, one of inner existence and one of the outer world, have been separated by an illusion of mind and flesh. The veil is broken by a new sight and wisdom, as represented by the third eye and radiating light, that recognize the harmony of its existence with that of the world outside. The ocean of consciousness can be seen erupting from the center figure’s head as it opens completely, and falls into a rushing sphere around him. The sphere is the last barrier between his world and the outside, and it is breaking like an egg under the pressure of light and realization. As the boundaries are broken his consciousness crashes over the falling ocean of the outside world to overwhelm it with the serenity of his awareness. The large eye formed by these waves parallels the figure’s smaller third eye to represent the simultaneous view of the world and one’s self.

waking meadow

In this piece I tried to create a seamless photograph into a separate world that is simultaneously both real and yet not. I wanted to push the boundaries of beauty to the impossible, and convey a reality of emotional vibrancy at its absolute, yet at the same time I wanted it to feel completely natural, and inviting. The balance of intensity with calm, and the familiar with the undefined took form as this mindscape.

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