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Psychohedron - complex hallucination seen at the peak of 100 liberty cap /psilocybin mushrooms @ Cheddar gorge UK Oct 1993 Full report submitted to 'experiences' page.

umpsquamadic peel

Umpsquamadic Peel - One of many singing beings seen floating in the sky on an LSD 25 blotter , very interested to know if anyone else has seen or heard anything like these. Full report submitted to 'experiences' page.

untold stories

Untold stories - Inspired by bad "Train wreck " hallucination seen during LSD trip , full info submitted to Erowid experiences under 'Umpsquamadic Peel'

lysergic vision v1.0

This is an image created following early tryps into lysergic space, truely evidence in my mind of the electrical chemistry of the brain . This vision was another internal anima.

lysergic vision v2.0

psilocybin entity

This image is a very accurate translation of a 'being' (For want of a better word' seen during a previous mushroom experience. It was very penile, very shroom maybe a hybrid . Intelligent and somehow populating the universe. I sense that I saw it looking back at me from the future.

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