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simon haiduk

astral projection

I wanted to express what it's like for me to Astral Project myself and painted this while in a visionary mind state. It has since been usd as a visual portal into Astral realms. This painting was my first in a continuing series of visionary style art and was initiated when I had a visionary experience.

insight of venus

This piece is an expression of a night that a friend and I expereinced a psychic 'conversation' with Venus and two other stars. An interesting synchronicity occured after, as we soon realized that in a month from our 'conversation' was the transit of Venus across the sun, and the next occurs in 2012, the same year as the sun crossing the center of our galaxy. Which is synchronized to the end of the astralogical Mayan calendar.

my awakening

This painting is based on a visionary experience where a friend and I felt ourselves transfigured into light particles and traveled through the Universal Mind Lattice; having the intention of, and actually contacted other friends who where on an Ayahuasca journey in the Amazon at the same time.

what is, and is, is endless

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