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Stanislav Grof

The art by Stanislav Grof contained in this vault was inspired by altered states of consciousness. Several of the paintings depict aspects of the four Basic Perinatal Matrices, originally described by Grof in his book Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research.

Tower 8

Tower 8 : b

Tower 8 : c

Tower 8 : d

Tower 8 : e

Tower 8 : f

Tower 8 : g

Cartoon 1

Cartoon: Psychotic/Mystic

Basic Perinatal Matrices

Divine Child

Cosmic Womb

Oceanic Womb

Toxic Womb


The onset of the delivery is often experienced in holotropic states as an attack by an archetypal octopus. This painting was inspired by a high-dose perinatal LSD session representing an episode during which the uterine contractions were experienced as strangling tentacles of an octopus-like creature.

Devouring Mother Spider

Visions of giant tarantulas symbolizing the devouring feminine are very common in perinatal sessions governed by BPM II. This vision, encountered in a high-dose LSD session, depicts a monstrous Devouring Mother-Spider exposing helpless foetuses to diabolical tortures.


Sabbath Toads


Meister Leonard

Great Mother Goddess






Snail Bean


Warrior Dog

Warrior Pan Pipe

Winged Figure

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