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rob fewster

she's beautiful

Art is an amazing form of therapy and expression. The surrealist technique of automatic painting is also wonderful when exploring the subconscious; in this image, the parrot/flying eye was originally intended as the whole of the design, it was only upon completion that I noticed the Alien girl this piece is named after. This seems to be a leftover of LSD-25 use in the 90's, psychedelic art as a therapy for recurring flashbacks plumbs the depths of the LSD instinct.

tarantula psylocibes

Once again, the subconscious comes through in this stylised representation of Psylocibe Cubensis mushrooms. As well as the 'Dragon Faces' visible in the main visual effect around the 'shrooms, a more 'Tarantulaic' spirit can be seen as a hidden image (subconsciously provided). The mandibles of the spiders are to be seen in the mushroom caps, their eyes (bizarrely) are below the mandibles and the white lines surrounding the whole are web-like in appearance. I only noticed this image after having finished the painting and was quite worried by it's seeming agressiveness until having put it into context (having recognised the tarantulas).

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