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masha falkov

other worldly surf

There's a lot of romance associated with surfing. I find the culture and history fascinating, particularly the fact that one can easily harness waves of energy that travelled miles and miles.

the chihuahuan ritual

When drawing, I wished to create a sort of dream world that one can disappear into for a short time. This one has a few stories behind it, although of the ritual itself you can interpret what you wish. The deserts in the southwestern United States have an absurd number of extraterrestrial sightings and general weirdness among them. The sombrero-shaped spaceships depicted here are one of the most common visitors to the area and have been for several hundred years- a well kept secret by both the Mexicans and the native Americans- hence the shape of the hats! The odd structures atop the mesas are actually the dwellings of a lesser known-culture. Several hundred years ago they would hollow out gigantic cacti, larger than the saguaros, and live within them by the dozens. If you've ever seen the "skeleton" of a saguaro, you'll realize that it's an engineering marvel, made to grow tall and hold many tons of water. It would come as no surprise that an even larger cactus could be strong enough to be lived in. Gradually the cactus itself died out through minor climate change, but the people studied the form and perpetuated

the architecture.

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