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roger essig

For me psychedelic art is not abstract, like some have suggested, but instead like snapshots of memories and events that actually are experienced and do happen, how for me a big part of my art mission is to capture the realness of spiritual truth that occurs when on an entheogenic journey and convey how it relates to what has been discussed in many old world spiritual and belief systems.

lsd vision - wrathful deity

This image was inspired from a direct experience with the powerful entheogen LSD. This was a Second Bardo vision of a 'Wrathful Deity' as described in the 'Psychedelic guide to the Tibetan book of the Dead' Please email me with your thoughts and if you have seen similar visions.

dmt entity

This image was inspired from my first encounter with N,N Dimethyltriptamine. An Entity that seemed extremely real and intelligent appeared before me with terrific precision and speed. It dissipated as soon as I imposed my will upon it. I was profoundly affected.

god 1

I received a mental image of this while walking along the streets of Balmain in Sydney. My current personal interpretation is that the eye represents the collective total of all the knowledge, thought and perception of all life in existence. Each point represents a life force that is interconnected throughout the complex matrix. The dots and matrix ideally continue outwards for eternity.

dmt eye

interdimensional consciousness

This is an Entity of Consciousness in some Parallel Dimension overlapping ours. It feeds on the Human Experience and off of other life forces on this planet we have come to call 'Earth'. It gathers the raw emotional energy that living beings generate. It is pure goodness and pure evil. It doesn't know how it came to be. This may not be true, but it probably is......

anthony aware



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