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chris elflyer dyer


I drew and painted this puppy after my experiences treeplanting in the raped forrests of North Ontario for a couple of months. The experience changed my life to a more natural and possitive direction, so I put my heart into this expression (not that I dont in others).

mystic man

this is a self portrait/poem I did on a broken skateboard I drew while on my last trip, to Maui-Hawaii. It was mostly inspired on my feelings after reading the book "The Ocean of Love" by a 13th Century Mystic named Kabir. It whas the best theory for the creation of our worlds.


the confussing (sh)city so full of death and negativity.

spiritual elevation after hedonistic intoxication

In my life Ive experimented with a lot of drugs, sex and other physical pleasures but never found true satisfaction. So in my new spiritual path I have been finding better ways of crossing to the other side through meditation and leaving those physical attachments behind.

soul spaceship

At the time, 98, this was the way my soul felt inside me.


coast of Canada and the US. Its about going deeper and deeper; or higher and higher; through meditation through the different metaphysical planes.


Alex is my ex-schoolmate (he got kicked out) and a fucked up Produkt of his messed up society.

peeling bodies

I dont do my paintings, its the divine forces that use me as a tool of creation, in the same way I use my brushes for my paintings. This one is based on a true story from a brother who got in a car crash. Our mutual Guru releived him from the pain by peeling away his physical and metaphysical bodies, leaving his liquid light of a soul, pure.

father time

lucid dream of ant

post apocalyptic entity waiting in the astral plane

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