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vincent castiglia

feeding, 2006, 36 x 54 inches, Blood on watercolor paper, © 2006

Vincent Castiglia “Feeding”(36” x 54”, Artist’s Blood, Copyright 2006 Vincent Castiglia), endeavors to explicate the genuine nature of the perpetuation of human life, as an infirmed organism which struggles to nurture itself in spite of the self-evident maladies that are innately threaded into it’s existence. Each existence a microcosmic drama, orchestrated by the illusory nature of the senses and the inner lure of correspondent chemical and neurobiological reactions which transcribe the melody for the ceaseless dance among matter that attracts, one to another, the sexes.


The origin of futility relative to the human is seemingly initiated at the moment of conception. In theory, unless physically immortal, or metaphysically eternal, while retaining a conscious awareness, the cumulative result of life seems nothing less than absolutely vain, with a death sentence delivered upon the fusion of opposing-gender reproductive cells. It is here where the quintessence of all vexation is forged. Being inextricably bound to decaying flesh and the vast set of existential laws and dictates of circumstance generates an inner racket; a pleading howl of captivity resonating though the skull of the carnally plagued. It is as if the uncoiling of the threads of experience are the same binds which entangle, then strangle. The very essence wherein creates life simultaneously begins stripping it. “Origin” (20” x 30”, Pen and Artist’s Blood, Copyright 2003 Vincent Castiglia), ventures to expose this point of perception.

Stings of The Lash, 2005, 55 x 82 inches, Blood on watercolor paper,

© 2005 Vincent Castiglia “Stings of The Lash” (55” x 82”, Artist’s Blood, Copyright 2005 Vincent Castiglia)

synchronicity III inspired by hrgiger “

Synchronicity III” (30” x 40”, Artist’s Blood, Copyright 2005 Vincent Castiglia) typifies the entry/exit continuum of being and it’s connective properties, wholly equating one to the other; life to death. Corresponding postures on opposite ends of this equation are indicative of an inherent vulnerability; a dire helplessness that courses through the living. The image is a cross-sectional analysis of the individual human existence.

duality-2006, 55 x 66inches, Blood on watercolor paper,© 2006 Vincent Castiglia

the sleep, 2006, 55 x 82 inches, Blood on watercolor paper, © 2006 Vincent Castiglia

R7, 2006, 22 x 30 inches, Blood on watercolor paper, © 2006 Vincent


multiply thy sorrow, 2006, 36 x 42 inches, Blood on watercolor paper, © 2006 Vincent Castiglia

On exhibit at the “Selected Works” Show, The H.R. Giger Museum Gallery, June-October, 2006, Gruyeres, Switzerland

exile, 2006, 24 x 48 inches, Blood on watercolor paperxile

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