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laurence caruana

I use all means at my disposal (often at risk to myself) to access different states of consciousness and record the resulting vision.

devil detail from the pearl

aztec underworld detail from the pearl

While isolated in an old house on the island of Malta, I underwent a period of temporary insanity. The imagery that emerged had a strange Aztec quality, and took on a bizarre neon violet glow. Years later, I found inspiration from that experience to paint the underworld for a larger painting called The Pearl.

orphic annunciation

This painting, based on an Orphic creation myth, depicts the birth of Light (the god Phanes below) and his daughter, shadow or Night (the dark goddess Nix before him). Between absolute light and darkness fall the entire spectrum of colors as they play over the main figure of Adrasteia (Necessity) and, above her, the Chronos serpent (Time). While making this work, the act of painting became, for me, a visionary experience.

christ alchemist

This image came to me in a dream, and took me several years to paint. Through this image, and under the influence of hashish, I've learned to meditate on images until they become a doorway to another realm. The sensation is very much like 'entering through the image'...

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