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carlos caban


Since my Peace Corps experience living with the Wayu indians in Colombia in 1976. my art has reflected the spiritual belifs of the native peoples of the Americas. The indigenous cultures created art as an expression of deeper spiritual meanings."2100 a.d." is a cosmic contemplation on the future of the native peoples.

Where are the sacred places?

This is one in a group of paintings I did after going on a pilgrimage with the Huichol People of Mexico. The Huichol are one of the few native people that did not have contact with the Spanish and the modern world until recently. They still use and harvest peyote for their religious ceremonies.

fetus dream

Conscienceness before birth is the theme of "Fetus Dream". It also explores my worries about cloning and gene research. I feel that as an artist, I am connected to the original artists who felt a need to create art that expressed a higher vision of their world and themselves.

saint michael

Saint Michael is one of the first super heroes. He is sacred among the indigenous peoples of Mexico and traditionally thought to do battle with the devil. To me he represents the cosmic balancer keeping the opposing forces of the universe in harmony.

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