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jayarama bryan


This piece comments on orb/orbital/chi conciousness... in that the body when given spin orientation creates sublevels of electro-magnetic spherics that pertain to all parts of the body, especially the extremities where gravity spins from the centre-out and collects in, amongst other parts of the body, the hands...which in turn are used as guidance devices for the transmorphing effects of the body-sphere.. the hands allow for integration into parallel sphere's of conciousness as exist beyond time and space.. but are affected within time-space.. I see this as a means of harmoniously travelling from one sphere of existance to another without unconciousness disrupting established fields of conciousness.

integrated systems

This drawing was basically a statement of integration of all conciousness within a collective field of reference.. each unique entity existing for the fundamental basis of all entities...creating a dynamic circuit between and for all subcircuits... each giving of itself for the other. The face in the corner representing the spiritual child seeing things for what they are.

fractal cone to dna pulse

This visual describes dna evolution synchronising with fractal space

hyper resonant lint ball

Sometimes your mind can feel like this

time-sharing with the dragon II

This is a digital manipulation taken from a drawing

time-sharing with the dragon III

Further digital manipulation of time-sharing with dragon II

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