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benjamin braun

self realization

I was inspired by a picture of a good friend of mine who was posed in this possition and after I drew her I wanted to draw what I felt she might have been experiencing on a deeper level. The auric field around her is another dimensional aspect of herself looking her physical body eye to eye and feeling that connection between the material self and the spiritual. She is embracing the other wordly presense in which she finds herself emersed. The purpose of art is to connect our inner selves together through the use of a physical media bridging the gaps of seperation. Art is the expression of the soul and when one expresses that which comes from the soul or from within they are seeing themselves or experiencing themselves on other planes or dimensions of reality that are not experienced with the physical senses. The purpose of constructing these things through physical media is so that other people or souls can view this art or expression and relate to it on their own inner levels of feeling. One sometimes thinks when viewing a piece of art that they resonate with, "Wow, I have felt that too..." and the connection is then made through that particular physical construct. The more this is done the more psychically we feel and realize we are all to similar in our thoughts and feelings. When one makes art they become a conduit of the inner unseen paradigms of the universe bringing that which is created from within! out into the physical seperate reality in which we have been born into on this earth.

forms into infinity

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