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petrus boots

harmonius convergence

Polarity was the central theme to this piece and I could find no two better suited in portraying the inner human conflict which we all suffer to transcend.


Without the flexibility to stretch our range of vision to include not only the ant's point of view but also the eagle's (who's eye for detail is not diminished by it's wider perspective) what will become of the Earth with which we all have a hand in creating.

reunion bridging reality

In the execution itself this piece spoke. Conceived in the Northeast and completed during a three year sojourn through the deserts of the Southwest it transcended borders.


Yes... there is no shortage of things to pray for these days. The world my daughter will inherit, peace on earth, humanity, the animals, the environment, personal health, truth... just to mention a few. But in the end and during the final pencil strokes and smudges "Prayer" answered a long held prayer of my own. The reemergence of a passion I thought was long dead but which turned out to be simply sleeping. The passion which fuels the desire to create something beautiful. I was a little surprised at where I found it.


November 2, 2004 has come and gone and justice has once again been segregated to the back of the bus on so called "moral" grounds. Peter Tosh once said, "there can be no peace without justice" and I tend to believe that he was right. With this latest turn of events flying in the face of justice I feel the need for all of us to fight in the best way we know how has now taken on a profound importance. The Owl (as is the case in this piece) has always spoken to me of the ability and necessity for night sight and silent flight. Perched on the shoulder of Justice it sees the Truth no matter how dark the night might get for our collective Souls. An interesting side note to the presence of this Owl is that it literally came to visit shortly before I began work on Justice. My wife Stefanie spotted it perched in a tree not ten feet from our house in broad daylight. We all went outside and watched it for quite some time from maybe a five foot distance and it just hung around offering Stefanie a chance to capture it digitally at close range. At one time it even swooped down to the ground beside me grabbed a grasshopper went back to it's previous perch and proceeded to have lunch.

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