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urlich blue

gebilde 1

There were these patterns, like japanese waves - and all of a sudden it had eyes and skin and guts, hands, nerves and a police car. what could i say? maybe it just wanted to be alive ...

gebilde 2

Art is a great deal about distinction, training and extending the whole perception system, integrating stuff i gather through the perception system, and finding out what 'matters' (to me), what causes [what]effect in my mind, other peoples minds, what do i like to do, to see, to hear, to feel, what attracts me, but this is all very personel and maybe only valid in this particular timeslot.

runaway process

running through the hills above the town at night.


inject the psylocybin producing genes of the magic mushroom into the genes of a cockroach and see what happens...


the black egg sails out into the sea of faces. there's possibility of dissolving into the background. also a hint of isolation, but it's maybe we just need more light. and why does it happen all the time?

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