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jimmy b

I am inspired to paint by a deep impulse to know myself. The daily practice of painting is my strongest link to infinity. Painting has taught me a method of gazing that allows entrance into and navigation through the vast ocean of consciousness. It has allowed me to receive, decypher, and present information gathered during my meditations. In this way, art becomes artifact. Each of these paintings was done in oil on hemp canvas and each was begun without a plan, only a vague question about time and space, death, or sex, or something. The center of the canvas was my only reference point, the imagery presented itself through the process. Through an act of total abandon painting becomes an open channel for the universe to make itself known; the painter dissolves and the picture paints itself.

the resurrection of santa claus

The Amanita Muascaria and Santa Claus merged in this painting.

the great turtle and the four cosmic winds

This is an unplanned version of a star-tetrahedron, the turtle and the geometry resonate with creation myths from all over the world.


This describes the vision of one Gaian life cycle, divided into four seasons. We are currently perched on the eve of the galactic summer solstice.

emperor's pyramid

An exploration into consciousness with the pyramid as a limiting factor, or a portal.

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