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From my experience, imaginative expression (vision) is the most profound technology (tool) we have in understanding and healing the gap that exists in the relationship between our mortal (egoic) and eternal (spiritual) natures. That is, if we are interested in a simply and happy life. Pursuing this creativity (therapy) is a necessity in my life, but I have found, as many of us have, it can issue forth some very strange side effects. Poverty, persecution, isolation and alienation. All very strange responses when we consider that it is forms of love or creative energy that we are expressing. Why would the world around us recoil in the face of loving creativity shared? What could be so bad about expressing our creative dreaming, pursuing inner peace for the sake of harmony? What would have authority suspect witchcraft/shamanism/art/ists as something unnecessary to a happy State of life? Maybe inner peace isn't as important as I know it to be. Maybe I don't understand anything there is to understand. Army General to the media : "Achieving peace by peaceful means is not a real solution, it's a dream" Fear of the dream, fear of the dreaming, fear of the dreamer, fear of our potential to let go of what ever it is we are clinging to, and live in our peace suits of light. Well I'm glad it's a dream, this ensures peace only involves dreamers. Good luck with your negotiations...........................

vision in the black woods

Psilocybin Community

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