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My work was born from liberty of my mind after I had been on a 'roughing it' retreat from the chaos that calls itself Scottish. The mystical effect of the clouds came when I viewed a few of the transparencies of landscape and cloud formations from my journey along the beaches and lochs. The landscapes are from North and central Scotland. The 'it' factor just sat me upright between cups of tea and said 'There's a wee combination of creativity and dreamscape in there somewhere' and the following was the result. The colours remind me of the clouds on our solar saviour Jupiter. The tea helped to give the effect of the high winds that distort the atmosphere.

jupiter beach

loch jupiter

schumaker levy incomiing

Popular demand from others asked if I could extend the creative flow of the Jupiter series. It seems there are many more of us where born here than I first remembered. Then again, it's a big planet, for this solar system. This was the day my gear got trashed when part one of nine comets came towards my cam.

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