Comments on: Less is More Psychedelic Musings from the Center of the Universe Thu, 19 Jan 2012 05:06:15 +0000 hourly 1 By: Valerie Thu, 08 Apr 2010 15:13:37 +0000 At first I felt as if this contradicted with what Terence Mckenna always talked about.

He always advocated high doses and in my interpretation he did this because low doses would lead to daily use and abuse because youre able to function normally in society. While high doses needed time to prepare for and time to recover from therefore abuse was unthinkable.

and as we all know, a drug looses its flavor with continued abuse.

Well see but then I realized that for you high doses meant abuse. and i can totally see where thats coming from. I used to smoke weed all day everyday to the point that being sober was a trip. I quit for over a year and just recently i took only one hit of mj and had one of the strongest most memorable trips that i can remember of.

So if I got this right, there is no contradiction?:

You = low doses = low tolerance = more meaningful trip
Terence = no abuse + high doses = more meaningful trip

Perhaps the point here is to not lower the dose but to lower the abuse???

By: KOAN Wed, 24 Mar 2010 00:11:52 +0000 This writing on lower dose benefits struck a chord with me. As a “druggie” of 40 years experience (and counting) my view has evolved over time to realise that an essential ingredient for long term use is respect. I don’t wish to list the drugs but suffice to say that over such a time period many opportunities arise and I took them all.
Respect for the substance: There are some things I can seldom achieve any meaningful experience from. MDMA is a case in point. For 15 years my wife and I used it weekly (and blissfully). Towards the end of this period, we fell into the trap of believing that the drugs were becoming weaker/ more adulterated so we upped the dose with predictably disappointing results. The more consumed the further from the desired result. (It may well be that the drugs available ARE shit and we can “return to Eden” one day but I ain’t holding my breath).
Respect for self: When was the last time you found yourself wasting re-creation time simply trying to wait out the effects of some ill-considered dosage consequence? And that is if you are strong-minded enough to retain the idea that “this is a drug experience, it will wear off”. I do drugs because I like it. I don’t do drugs to compete or validate myself to others. Neither should you. (I run the risk here of proscribing behaviour but that is not my intention, that’s a self-assumed goverment position. The central reality of any experience is that YOU are in it.)
Respect for others: Ever seen the guy (or girl) at a party who over does things and relies on the good-will and compassion of their neighbour to help them back from the edge? I find it difficult to relax into a situation when it is almost inevitable that someone may flip out and require, at the least, talking down. Usually young and inexperienced but nonetheless deserving of help. On the other hand, ever met the drooling, sweating, groping asshole who just HAS to tell you what great insights they are achieving moment by moment? (or, shudder, BEEN that person?)
Into this category may be the effect of ciminalisation of new substances and the resultant handing over of control to genuine bad people. As I write this, the UK government is stating that Mephedrone will soon be banned due to an unspecified amount of recent deaths. I am not saying that people have not died but I AM saying that the particular circumstances of these events have not yet been investigated but it is “assumed ” that Mephedrone is the culprit. We all know where this leads. In this way, I feel that some self restraint may be in order for the benefit of the wider community. Spent too much time scuttling about in unsalubrious circumstances in order to score some substance so that I could feel that I was transcending the realities of this world.

“There ain’t nothin’ worse than some fool lyin’ on some Third World beach in psychadelic spandex trousers, smokin’ damn dope, pretendin’ he’s gettin consciousness-expansion”
Alabama 3

Before I begin to feel that this is being too cynical, an uplifting story. Having avoided mushrooms for many years due to over use burnout, I decided to try again at a lower dosage and in more appropriate circumstances than partying. I live in a remote area of Scotland surrounded by natural beauty so I decided that a dose of 50 local, fresh Liberty Cap, taken in daylight may be the right way. Indeed this proved so. The result was deeply spiritual in a Shamanic connection with nature sort of way which defies any attempt at verbal description.
A truly transcendent and transforming experience which I am glad to say is repeatable.
Set and setting anyone?