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PMA Health
by Erowid

  • PMA, though quite rare, is occasionally sold as MDA or MDMA on the street.
    There were a number of cases in the mid 70's where PMA was sold as MDA, leading to several deaths and it appears that something similar may now be happening in various parts of the world. Reports from Chicago (May 2000) have suggested that 2 recent deaths attributed to MDMA may have been cases of PMA sold as Ecstasy. Similarly, Australia seems to have had several cases of PMA deaths over the past few years.

  • PMA is more dangerous than MDMA.
    At dosages from 60-80 mg (lower than those used regularly for Ecstasy), it can cause a sudden, large, and potentially fatal rise in blood temperature, body temperature and blood pressure. One of the recently reported deaths came after a young woman ingested 3 pills, not uncommon with ecstasy, but potentially deadly with PMA.