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Dragon's Blood Incense References

Dragon's Blood Incense
From Virginia's Division of Forensic Sciences
by Robert R. Steiner, MS
Published in Microgram, 30:258-63 (1997).

A substance described by submitting officers as "raw opium" was submitted to all four of the Division of Forensic Science's laboratories for identification and analysis. The material consisted of a hard, glossy, reddish-brown, amorphous material that breaks easily into a fine powder. Gas chromatographic/mass spectral (GC/MS) analysis of the sample indicated a complex mixture containing numerous compounds of plant origin. Using the Internet, a search on one of the compounds identified as dracorhodin suggested that the material was from Daemonorops draco. A resinous secretion obtained from the ripe fruit of the plant is sold commercially as Dragon's Blood incense. An authentic sample of Dragon's Blood incense was obtained and a GC/MS analysis of the material was identical (except for minor concentration differences) to the material submitted as "raw opium". None of the compounds identified in the material are controlled or regulated substances. Dragon's Blood is used as an incense and in some occult rituals.

For more information, contact Bob Steiner at our Central Laboratory, 804-786-6800.

"Red Rock Opium"
From From BTS Watch

Another favorite scam is selling incense as "Red Rock opium"-a con that has worked so well that kids come in from out of state to buy a "drug" that B.T S. made up. Mr. Lover sometimes travels to parties in Connecticut, where he charges $1,200 for a pound, $400 for a quarter, and $150 for an ounce. "When they find out I have 'Red Rock,'the stupid motherfuckers fight with each other over whose house I should go back to.'Come to my house,"No, come back to my place.' Even the people who figure out it's fake still buy from me because they know they can double their money by selling it to some other stupid raver."

"Red Rock Opium"
From National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
May 2000 Director's Report

"Other drugs-A substance with mild hallucinogenic effects, called "red rock opium," "red run," and "red stuff," is smoked in Baltimore in combination with marijuana. It contains dracorhodin, a compound found in the plant Daemonorops draco ("dragon's blood"), used in varnishes and stains, as an herbal medicine, and to make incense."