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1951 First published paper documenting the synthesis of methaqualone by Kacker and Zaheer, along with a number of other related compounds. 1  
1955 Methaqualone was first synthesized in India by M.L. Gujral and was soon being marketed as a non-addictive sleeping pill. 2, 3   [Details]
1960 Methaqualone is sold by the Boots company under the names Melsed and Melsedin and by Marck as Renoval. 2  
1965 Methaqualone is sold by Roussel labs in combination with an antihistamine under the name Mandrax. 2  
Late 60s Methaqualone becomes a commercial success in the United States where it is sold under the name Quaalude. It also becomes a popular street drug. 2  
1971 Methaqualone becomes regulated in Britain under the UK Misuse of Drugs Act due to its increasing popularity as a recreational drug.   
1973 Methaqualone is placed in Schedule II in the United States making it difficult to prescribe and illegal to possess without a prescription.   
Early 80s Methaqualone is withdrawn from the market in Britain due to its addictive qualities.   
1984 Methaqualone is moved to Schedule I in the United States, making it illegal to buy, sell, or possess.   

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