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MDMA Longterm Use Questionairre
by Erowid
This survey is no longer functional, for historical reference only.
Questions for current and past E users
(answer as appropriate)
1. Nickname / Pseudonym:
2. How many times have you used E?
3. What year did you first use Ecstasy?
4. Average dose (in # of pills or mg)?
5. How certain are you of your dosage?
6. The first few times you took E, how did you feel?
7. What context were you in when you first used E (home, rave, club, etc)?
8. At your heaviest usage, how often did you do it? What was a 'normal' time between experiences?
9. How would you compare your most recent MDMA experiences with your first few (1-5) experiences in terms of intensity, duration, and high?
10. How would you compare your most recent experiences with your first few (1-5) experiences in terms of the openness, empathy, and feelings of connection?
11. What, if any, side effects do you experience while on Ecstasy (jaw tension, nystagmus / eye wiggles, headache, cramping, etc)?
12. How severe or mild are these?
13. Would you say that the side effects during the experience are stronger, milder, or about the same as the first few times?
14. Do you experience any hangover or day / week after effects (lack of energy, residual jaw tension or associated mouth damage, feelings of depression, irritability, headaches, insomnia, etc) ? If so, list the ones you experience:
15. How strong or mild are these?
16. Would you say the hangover effects are lighter, about the same, or worse than they were after your first few experiences?
17. Do you use anything to combat side effects and, if so, what?
18. What have you liked about your last MDMA experiences?
19. What did you not like about your last MDMA experiences?
20. If you no longer would choose to do MDMA, why?
21. If you would choose to continue doing MDMA, why?

If you've taken MDMA 10 or more times and would like to comment on the "loss of magic" topic, please use the experience report submission form.