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MDMA News & Media Articles
PMA Sold as Ecstasy


Better Than Well
The Economist, April 6th 1996
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The Complications of 'Ecstasy' (MDMA)
JAMA, Vol 259, Mar 18, 1988; 1649-1650
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New York Magazine, July 24, 2000
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Ecstasy: A Dose of Generation X
Psycology Today , Vol 27 (No 3) May/June 1994; 16-17
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Ecstasy-Fueled 'Rave' Parties Become Dances of Death for English
JAMA , Vol 268, Sep 1992; 1505-1506
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FDA Allows Human Tests of Love Drug, by Lynn Franey
San Diego Union Tribune, December 26, 1993
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Mad For It, by Matthew Collin
The Guardian (UK), March 28, 1997
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Nightly Grind, by Mary Spicuzza
MetroActive News (UK), March 23, 2000
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Press the Panic Button
New Scientist, January 25, 1997
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Cops Probe Link between 2 Teens' Hallucinogen Deaths
Chicago Tribune, May 18, 2000
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New Fatal Drug Hits Nightclubs
Orlando Sentinel, Sept 28, 2000
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New, More Dangerous Drug Threatens Teens
Fox News, June 5, 2000
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Overdoses Push Police to Spread Word on Ecstasy Lookalike Drugs
Chicago Tribune, May 19, 2000
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Poisoning of Suburbia, July 6, 2000
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Teen Drug Alert
Chicago Sun-Times, May 22, 2000
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Tougher 'Club Drug' Penalties Proposed
Chicago Tribune, May 24, 2000
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Carolyn loved partying, dancing, and her little boy. Now she is dead, the newest victim of a drug more lethal than Ecstasy
The Glasgow Herald (Australia), Aug 23, 1997
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