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MAOI Journal Articles & Abstracts



A clinical overview of monoamine oxidase inhibitors, by D.J. McKenna; G.H.N. Towers; F. Abbott
Psychosomatics Vol 26. 1985, 240-251
(No Text Available)

Inhibition of rat brain and heart monoamine oxidase by atropine, by Y.S. Mohammed; M.M. Mahfouz
Biochem Pharmacology Vol 26 (No 9) May 1 1977; 871-874
(No Text Available)

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors: Safety and Efficacy Issues, by C.S. Brown; S.G. Bryant
Drug Intell Clin Pharm, Vol 22. 1988, 232-235
(No Text Available)

Rat brain monoamine oxidase A and B inhibitory (tribulin) activity during drug withdrawal anxiety, by S.K. Bhattacharya; A. Chakrabarti; M. Sandler; V. Glover
Neuroscience Letters Vol 199 (No. 2) Oct 20 1995; 103-106


Foods interacting with MAOI inhibitors, by anon
Medical Letters & Drug Therapy Vol 31. 1989, 11-12
(No Text Available)

Monoamine oxidase inhibitor update. Potential adverse food and drug interactions, by S.B. Lippman, K. Nash
Drug Safety Vol 5. 1990, 195-204
(No Text Available)



Monoamine oxidase inhibitors in South American hallucinogenic plants: Tryptamines and Beta-carboline constituents of ayahuasca, by D.J. McKenna; G.H.N. Towers; F. Abbott
Journal of Ethnopharmacology Vol 10. 1984, 195-223
(No Text Available)