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LSD from Foster's Beer Myth
Unknown Author
Alright, so it's probably painfully obvious to most of you, but for those still wondering...No, you can't make LSD from Foster's beer. This myth started as a joke on the net and has spread far and wide. There are more than one official looking web site out there which describes in detail a respectable sounding extraction method. The basic claim of this myth is that Foster's beer (unlike other beers) is made from ergot-containing grains. Ergot contains many different alkaloids, a couple of which (ergine, ergonavine, and ergotamine) can, in fact, be used to synthesize LSD. The myth goes that by doing a fairly simple extraction on the beer you can end up with LSD.

The main thing that should tell you there is no truth to this myth is that ergot is poisonous. People die from ergot poisoning. Even _if_ Foster's beer had ergot in it...especially enough ergot to make LSD, it too would be poisonous. However, there is no ergot in Foster's Beer. There is nothing special about Foster's beer which would make it more likely to contain ergot than any other beer. According to Foster's web site, they brew a 'bottom fermented lager'. This is an extremely common beer to make and it's made out of rye, just like most other beers.

The process of LSD synthesis is a complex one which requires a fully equipped laboratory. This piece is a joke. It is clearly labelled a joke at the top of the recipe. It seems quite clear that it was originally written in 1995 as a response to all the individuals who posted to the newsgroup alt.drugs asking for simple directions on how make LSD. Sorry...this is just wishful thinking.