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LSD Chemistry
by Erowid

NAME :Lysergide
CHEMICAL NAME :9,10-Didehydro-N,N-diethyl-6-methylergoline-8ß-carboxamide
ALTERNATE CHEMICAL NAMES :D-lysergic acid diethylamide; LSD; LSD-25; lysergsaure diethylamid
MOLECULAR WEIGHT323.44 (freebase)
MOLECULAR WEIGHT398.485 (tartrate)
MELTING POINT198-200° C (D-Tartrate)
MOLECULES PER UGapprox 1.5 x 10^15 molecules of LSD tartrate per ug of LSD
LD5046 mg/kg i.v.(mice)
LD5016.5 mg/kg i.v. (rats)
LD50.3 mg/kg i.v.(rabbits)
From the Merck Index 12th Edition

LSD molecule

LSD Data Sheet - Occupational Health Services Local File
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PubChem: LSD

Papac 1990 found peak plasma levels occuring at around 3 hours after oral ingestion and half-life around 5 hours.

Canezin 2001 found LSD, iso-LSD, 2-oxo-3-hydroxy-LSD (O-H-LSD), Nor-iso-LSD, lysergic acid ethylamide (LAE), trioxylated-LSD, lysergic acid ethyl-2-hydroxyethylamide (LEO) and 13 and 14-hydroxy-LSD in urine after LSD ingestion.