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Ibogaine Journal Articles & Abstracts

In Addiction Treatment
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Clinical Observations of Safety after Single Oral Dose Administration, by Deborah .C. Mash; K. Allen-Ferdinand; M. Mayor; C.A. Kovera; J.F. Ayafor; I.C. Williams; F.R. Ervin



Decreased Drug Craving During Inpatient Detoxification with Ibogaine, by C.A. Kovera; M.B. Kovera; E.G. Singleton; F.R. Ervin; I.C. Williams; D.C. Mash

Ibogaine effects on sweet preference and amphetamine induced locomotion: implications for drug addiction, by J.R. Blackburn; K.K. Szumlinski
Behav Brain Res Vol 89 (No. 1-2) Dec. 1997, 99-106

Failure of ibogaine to produce phencyclidine-like discriminative stimulus effects, by H.E. Jones; H. Li; R.L. Balster
Pharmacol Biochem Behav Vol 59 (No. 2) Feb 1998, 413-418

The effects of sigma, PCP, and opiate receptor ligands in rats trained with ibogaine, by S. Helsley; R.A. Filipink; W.D. Bowen; R.A. Rabin; J.C. Winter
Pharmacol Biochem BehavVol 59 (No. 2) Feb 1998; 495-503

Time-dependent interactions between iboga agents and cocaine, by I.M. Maisonneuve; K.E. Visker; G.L. Mannp; U.K. Bandarage; M.E. Kuehne; S.D. Glick
European Journal of Pharmacology Vol 336 (No. 2-3) Oct 8, 1997; 123-126

Differential responses by neurotensin systems in extrapyramidal and limbic structures to ibogaine and cocaine, by M.E. Alburges; G.R. Hanson
Brain Res Vol 818 (No. 1) Feb 6 1999; 96-104

Facilitation of Memory Retrieval by the "Anti-Addictive" Alkaloid Ibogaine, by P. Popik
Life Sciences Vol 59 (No. 24) PL 379-385, 1996



Pharmacokinetic Disposition of Ibogaine after Oral Administration to Human Subjects, by J. Pablo; R. Tyndale; S. Obach; W.L. Hearn; D.C. Mash
Medical Letters & Drug Therapy Vol 31. 1989, 11-12



Additional Ibogaine Abstracts