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GHB Journal Articles & Abstracts

As Addiction Treatment
Effects on Sleep


Driving under the influence of GHB?, by B.G. Stephens; R.C. Baselt
Journal of Analytical Toxicology Vol 18 (No. 6) Oct 1994; 357-358

Coma-Inducing Drug GHB May Be Reclassified, by Charles Marwick
JAMA - Medical News & Perspectives Vol 277, May 21 1997; 1505-1506
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Rewarding properties of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid: an evaluation through place preference paradigm, by M.C. Martellotta; L. Fattore; G. Cossu; W. Fratta
B.B. Brodie Department of Neuroscience, University of Cagliari, Italy

The presence of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Elliott S, Burgess V



Fatality due to gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and heroin intoxication, by S.D. Ferrara; L. Tedeschi; G. Frison; A. Rossi
Journal of Forensic Science Vol 40 (No. 3) May 1995; 501-504



Guidelines for the drug therapy of alcoholism, by G.L. Gessa
Recenti-Prog-Med Vol 81 (No. 3) Mar 1990; 171-175

Clinical efficacy of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid in treatment of opiate withdrawal, by L. Gallimberti; F. Schifano; G. Forza; L. Miconi; S.D. Ferrara
European Archive of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience Vol 244 (No. 3) 1994; 113-114

Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid decreases intravenous cocaine self-administration in rats, by M.C. Martellotta; C. Balducci; L. Fattore; G. Cossu; G.L. Gessa; L. Pulvirenti; W. Fratta
Pharmacology & Biochem Behavior Vol 59 (No. 3) Mar 1998, 697-702

Symmetrical generalization between the discriminative stimulus effects of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid and ethanol, by G. Colombo; R. Agabio; C. Lobina; R. Reali; F. Fadda; G.L. Gessa
Physiol Behavior Vol 57 (No. 1) Jan 1995; 105-111



Triggering of paradoxical sleep with gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in the rat is blocked by the GHB receptor antagonist NCS-382, by V. Girodias; R. Godbout; I. Beaulieu; M. Schmitt; J.J. Bourguignon; H.H. Webster

Non-response of a case of fatal familial insomnia to gamma hydroxy butyrate, by Jae Fleming; H. Feldman; G.J. Green; B.C. McGillivray; A. Kang; K. Berry

Simultaneous stimulation of slow-wave sleep and growth hormone secretion by gamma-hydroxybutyrate in normal young Men, by E. Van Cauter; L. Plat; M.B. Scharf; R. Leproult; S. Cespedes; M. L'Hermite-Baleriaux; G. Copinschi
Department of Medicine, University of Chicago
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The effect of gamma-hydroxybutyrate on nocturnal and diurnal sleep of normal subjects: further considerations on REM sleep-triggering mechanisms, by O. Lapierre; J. Montplaisir; M. Lamarre; M.A. Bedard
Sleep Vol 13 (No. 1) Feb 1990; 24-30

EEG changes during sedation with gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, by E. Entholzner; L. Mielke; R. Pichlmeier; F. Weber; H. Schneck
Anaesthesist Vol 44 (no. 5) May 1995; 345-350



The ontogeny of GABAergic enhancement of the gamma-hydroxybutyrate model of generalized absence seizures, by O.C. Snead 3rd
Epilepsia Vol 31 (No. 4) Jul-Aug 1990; 363-368



The anxiolytic effect of GHB in the elevated plus maze is reversed by the benzodiazepine receptor antagonist, flumazenil, by C. Schmidt-Mutter; L. Pain; G. Sandner; S. Gobaille; M. Maitre
European Journal of Pharmacology Vol 342 (No. 1) Jan 19 1998; 21-27

Biosynthesis of poly(4-hydroxybutyric acid) by recombinant strains of Escherichia coli, by S. Hein; B. Sohling; G. Gottschalk; A. Steinbuchel
Institut fur Mikrobiologie

Developmental time courses in the brain and kidney of two enzymes that oxidize gamma-hydroxybutyrate, by T. Nelson; E.E. Kaufman
Developmental Neuroscience Vol 16 (No. 5-6) 1994; 352-358

GABAB receptors presynaptically modulate excitatory synaptic transmission in the rat supraoptic nucleus in vitro, by S.B. Kombian; J.A. Zidichouski; Q.J. Pittman
Journal of Neurophysiology Vol 76 (No. 2) Aug 1996; 1166-1179

Gamma hydroxybutyrate is not a GABA agonist, by J.J. Feigenbaum; S.G. Howard
Prog Neurobiology, Vol 50 (No. 1) Sep 1996, 1-7

Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid increases intracellular Ca2+ concentration and nuclear cyclic AMP-responsive element- and activator protein 1 DNA-binding activities through GABAB receptor in cultured cerebellar granule cells, by Y. Ito; K. Ishige; E. Zaitsu; K. Anzai; H. Fukuda
Journal of Neurochemistry Vol 65 (No. 1) July 1995; 75-83

Inhibitors of Synaptosomal gamma-Hydroxybutyrate Transport, by S.J. McCormick; G. Tunnicliff
Pharmacology Vol 57 (No. 3) Sep 1998; 124-131

Naloxone reverses the inhibitory effect of gamma-hydroxybutyrate on central DA release in vivo in awake animals: a microdialysis study, by J.J. Feigenbaum; S.G. Howard
Neuroscience Letters Vol 224 (No. 1) Mar 7, 1997; 71-74

Presynaptic gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and gamma-aminobutyric acidB (GABAB) receptor-mediated release of GABA and glutamate (GLU) in rat thalamic ventrobasal nucleus, by P.K. Banerjee; O.C. Snead 3rd
Journal of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapy Vol 273 (No. 3) June 1995; 1534-1543

Sulpiride, but not haloperidol, up-regulates gamma-hydroxybutyrate receptors in vivo and in cultured cells, by C. Ratomponirina; S. Gobaille; Y. Hode; V. Kemmel; M. Maitre
European Journal of Pharmacology Vol 346 (No. 2-3) Apr 10, 1998; 331-337

Toxic Ingestion of Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid, by A.J. Viera; S.W. Yates
South Med J Vol 92 (No. 4) 1999; 404-405