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DPT Journal Articles & Abstracts

Medical Uses


DPT as an Adjunct in Psychotherapy of Alcoholics, by S. Grof; R.A. Soskin; W.A. Richards; A.A. Kurland
International Pharmacopsychiatry, Vol 8, 1973; 104-115
(No Text Available)

Dipropyltryptamine in psychotherapy, by R.A. Soskin
Curr. Psychiafr. Theu., Vol 15, 1975; 147-156
(No Text Available)

Low doses of Dipropyltryptamine in psychotherapy, by Albert A. Kurland M.D.
Arch Gen Psychiatry, Vol 28 (No. 6) 1973; 817-821
(No Text Available)

The Peak Experience Variable in DPT-Assisted Psychotherapy with Cancer Patients, by Richards WA., Rhead JC, DiLeo FB, Yensen R, Kurland AA.
Journal of Psychedelic Drugs, Vol 9 (No. 1) 1977; 1-10
[ Abstract ]

DPT as an Adjunct in Brief Psychotherapy with Cancer Patients, by Francesco DiLeo M.D.; Lockwood Rush PhD.
Omega, Vol 10 (No. 1) 1979; 9-26
(No Text Available)