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DOM (aka STP)
Bits & Pieces
by Erowid

The "Bits & Pieces" section is intended for random snippets of information which don't fit
easily elsewhere and/or which have been newly added, but not yet carefully categorized.

  • False History in 1976 Book
    In the book "The Complete Guide to the Street Drug Game", by Scott French (1976), the author provides two possible explanations for how DOM went from a research chemical to "the street" (the general population). Both of the explanations are wrong and include the erroneous conflation of BZ with DOM. (Thanks to Trout for pointing out this terrible book text.)

    by Scott French 1976

    STP (or DOM, or 4-methyl-2,5-dimethoxy-a-methylphenethylamine) is one of the ideal situat1ons in which freaks and private industry have cooperated.

    STP was originally known as BZ and was a top secret nerve gas being developed for the Army by Dow Chemical Company. The idea behind this was that you could spray a town with BZ, walk in, and take over without firing a shot, as no one would really feel like fighting back, while in the throes of a deep hallucinogenic trip. [Erowid Note: BZ's identity is authoritatively known and it was not DOM, see BZ Vault.]

    BZ was synthesized by a Dow chemist, and soon, maybe just days afterward, it was found to be floating around in hip society. This meant: A.) A gang of ruthless hippies had conspired, broken into the top secret Dow labs, sneaked past the guards, picked the safe whic contained the formula, and sneaked out with it; or B.) Some straight, God-fearing Dow chemist invented the drug, looked at his salary, looked at the tremendous market for LSD, and stole it, reselling to the "underground" chemists.

    You choose.