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Legal Status
by Erowid
Caution :   All legal information should be verified through other sources. [see below]
Not Approved For
Human Consumption
Likely Analog
DOC is unscheduled in the United States. It is likely that it would be considered an analog (of DOB), in which case, sales for human consumption or possession with the intent to ingest could be prosecuted under the Federal Analogue Act though we are unaware of any such existing cases (3/05/06).
Florida #
If you have information about the legal status of this substance in any other U.S. state, please let us know.

Australia #
Unknown. May fall in Schedule II with DOB, but we have been unable to confirm this
Canada #
DOC is Schedule III in Canada, making it illegal to sell, buy, or possess without a license. It also would be controlled under the 2016 regulation that controlled a wide variety phenethylamines, adding "2C-phenethylamines and their salts, derivatives, isomers and salts of derivatives and isomers that correspond" to a broad definition that schedules anything with a 2,5-dimethoxyphenylethamine core. This includes most 2C-s, DOx, TMA, Aleph, NBOMes, NBOHs, NBF, bk-2-C-B, 2C-B-Fly, bromo-dragonfly, etc. See (thanks r) (last updated May 29 2016)
China #
Controlled in China as a Category I psychotropic substance, illegal to sell, buy, import, export, and manufacture 4-methylmethcathinone as of September 2010. See China's SFDA announcement. (thanks n) (last updated Nov 25, 2015)
Denmark #
Denmark added 2C-E, 2C-P, DOC, and DOI to the list of Schedule I controlled substances as of Paril 8, 2007. See ELDD. (Last Updates Apr 5 2007)
Germany (Deutschland) #
DOC is listed in Anlage I in Germany, making it illegal to buy, sell, or possess without a license. (thanks F)
New Zealand #
DOC is Schedule III (Class C) in New Zealand as an "amphetamine analogue" [reference].
Poland #
DOC is not controlled in Poland and no analog law covers it. See and . (unconfirmed) (thanks zv) (last updated July 23 2011)
U.K. #
DOC is Schedule I/Class A in the U.K., making it illegal to sell, buy, or possess without a license.
If you have information about the legal status of this substance in any other country, please let us know.

Erowid legal information is a summary of data gathered from site visitors, government documents, websites, and other resources. We are not lawyers and can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided here. We do our best to keep this information correct and up-to-date, but laws are complex and constantly changing. Laws may also vary from one jurisdiction to another (county, state, country, etc)...this list is not comprehensive.